Crew Biographies

Crew Biographies

Meet the Crew!

These individuals have been involved in Wandering Productions.

Meet Anthony Giorgio!

Anthony Giorgio is one of the two original founders of Wandering Productions, as well as the founder of AMES Cinematography. He co-directed the film St. Charlie with Austin Overmoe and is Executive Producing and co-directing Finding Mr. Mambrino with Paige Ney. He is Wandering Productions’ de facto in-house writer.





Meet Austin Overmoe!

Austin Overmoe is the other half of Wandering Productions founding members, and half of the original writing/directing pair on St. Charlie. He is now Executive Producer and Head of Production Design on Finding Mr. Mambrino.







Meet Paige Ney!

Paige Ney is the third founding member of Wandering Productions. She got her start as 1st Assistant Director on St. Charlie and is now co-directing and Executive Producing Finding Mr. Mambrino with Anthony Giorgio.